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Everyone has different learning styles whether auditory, visual, or kinesthetic.  Each flashcard, book, and video are designed to be used together to reinforce each subject differently to help your child learn.   ❤️

Brainy Baby Learning for a Lifetime Set ABC, 123, Shape & Colors and Animals Books,Flashcards, DVDs, CDs
Brainy Baby  Set of 13 Deluxe Learning Videos
Alphabet Learning
Brainy Baby English Simple Words and Phrases Deluxe Edition DVD | English Words and Phrases | English Dvds
Brainy Baby 123s Flashcard Set Introducing Numbers 1 to 20 Flash Cards
Brainy Baby ABCs Classic DVD
Baby's First Impressions DVDs Academics and Enrichment Encyclopedia 10 DVD Set | Best Educational Dvds
Sleepy Baby Music CD | Sleepy Baby Musics
Preschool Learning | Basics Skills
Talking Hands | Sign Language Flash Cards Set
Shapes and Colors | Shapes & Colors Learning Dvd
Learn 123s Snap Card | Brainy Puzzle Games
DVD Early Learning | Discovery Collections
Brainy Baby Original Music | Complete Music CD Set of 6 | Spanish Label Music CD
Brainy Baby Spanish DVD | Video | Movie | Kids
Brainy Baby Set of 13 Classic Spanish Version Videos | DVDs| Movies| Bundle
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