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😍Parents, Educators and Psychologists are Talking!

Brainy Baby Awards & Testimonials

Dr. Toy 100 Best Products Dove Foundation Family Seal of Approval Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Coalition for Quality Children's Media/KidsFirst Endorsement iParenting Media Award Practical Homeschooling Reader Best in Education Teachers Choice Learning Award Baby & Children's Readers Favorite


Brainy Baby® Testimonials

Brainy Baby® is university studied and peer reviewed showing an increase of learning 22 times more.  This scientific controlled group study was applied to children under the age of two and in the age range of two to four years.                                                                     

What Do Psychologists Say?

"We have regular feedback from parents who come into the centre especially to tell us of their child's success with the [Brainy Baby]resources.

Parents find the DVDs helpful in understanding how children play; what art and music activities to offer; and how to prepare their child for reading and number skills. They find the Right Brain DVD particularly valuable in encouraging creativity; Peek-a-boo, Laugh & Learn and Animals are also popular with parents.

Day Care Centers [Nurseries] are enchanted with the Brainy Baby products. They are tools for learning and not detractors."
– Carolyn Skilling, (UK Psychologist)

What Do Educators Say?

"As a professional educator and mother, I have seen how the video has [benefited] my son. I recommend and have bought Brainy Baby products for other parents who have had newborns. I believe that the Brainy Baby Company has accomplished the objective in giving and teaching children educational concepts." – Veronica (Commerce, CA)

"I have worked as a preschool teacher and helper for 30 something years. I am absolute on teaching with Brainy Baby's tools." – Marsha (Wylie, TX)

"We are both credentialed teachers with years of teaching experience. We believe that Brainy Baby provides an excellent foundation for developing minds." – Paul & Cindy (Dublin, CA)

"My son is learning his shapes, numbers, letters, and a host of other educational material from the Brainy Baby videos and books. I am a teacher (not currently working) and I feel that this is educational for my son." – Diane (Thompson, PA)

"I support this product as a professional with 35 years as a Curriculum Specialist in Education. As a professional working to develop resources and learning centers for infants and toddlers, preschoolers and elementary through high school age students, I support the foundation skills offered by the Brainy Baby products. I have found them to be beneficial to my clients in all settings that I have serviced: public, private, non-public and institutional/hospital (special needs)." – Maria (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

"I personally endorse Brainy Baby products. Not only did my children watch, enjoy and learn from these excellent educational products, but I have even given them out as gifts to the parents of young children in my Clinical practice." – Dr. Nelson Bulmash (Alpharetta, GA)

"I am a retired teacher, and I have given the [Brainy Baby] videos to my three granddaughters for many years. They have learned much from them, but most of all they have enjoyed each and every video as entertainment, stimulation, and growth in different developmental stages. My daughter-in-law carefully chooses what her children watch. I, as an educator, am very selective about what learning tools I give the girls." – Laura (Duluth, GA)

"I purchased Brainy Baby last year to use with my Daycare children. They love it. Whenever they hear the music they stop what they are doing and come running. They sit on their pillows and pay very close attention. They even know parts of the video and say the words before they are said. Even my youngest child, 6 months old, was thrilled! The children have learned so much, and the format is very engaging. Not only do I use the videos for my Daycare, I also use them with my grandchildren. It really is true that that you are never too old or too young to learn." – Beverly (Ohio)

"I have just recently found the Brainy Baby videos. I am in an Early Childhood Education class at our local college, and someone introduced these videos in class one night. I have been very pleased with the success of these videos ... I play them EVERY day while the children are eating their meals. They are great! Thanks for making them." – Ruth, Grandmother and Childcare Provider (via email)

"I think your Brainy Baby video series is superb. As a former educator, I think your products are right on target. My daughter has been watching them since they first were available, and she likes them better than any other videos, including Disney. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to produce quality toddler and children's programming. Keep up the good work!" – Sam (Haines City, FL)

What Do Parents Say?

"Our son knew the alphabet by the time he was 16 months old though neither my husband nor I taught him.* We realized he must have learned it from watching his Brainy Baby DVDs. He began reading when he was just a little over 3 years old, and we believe it was because he was able to recognize letters at such a young age. Our second child has decided her favorite DVDs to watch are Brainy Baby Left Brain and Brainy Baby Right Brain. Though we are not huge advocates of our children watching TV in any form, we are more than happy to let her watch her Brainy Baby DVDs." – Kat (New York, NY)

"I just had a mom ask me how my 2 year old knows her ABCs so well since her 3 year old does not. I loaned her the Brainy Baby Left Brain video for 3 weeks and now her 3 year old is well on her way to knowing all her ABCs.* You can't argue the value of this educational tool when you only enter one new learning tool to a 3 year old and their knowledge increases significantly." – Jennifer (Lake Forest, CA)

"We pride ourselves on teaching our children and allowing them to view educational videos as a part of that teaching. One example is our now 2 year old daughter knew her ABC's at 18 months from watching Brainy Baby's Letters DVD.* We worked with her to teach her the alphabet, but the DVD certainly helped in the process. She would watch it over and over to learn the correct order." – Melissa (Plain City, OH)

"My child was non-verbal at 18 months and I credit Brainy Baby with the rapid increase in his increasing vocabulary!*" – Julie (Carmel, IN)

"The Brainy Baby products... have provided my granddaughter with excellent educational tools. I credit their products with her great development in an entertaining manner. She never gets tired of watching their videos." – Robert (Coral Springs, FL)

"My two daughters have both benefited greatly from watching the many Brainy Baby videos we own. We especially have loved Brainy Baby Music, and my girls are constantly talking about the rhythm, tempo, specific instruments of different kinds of music they hear on the radio, etc. It's quite amazing to hear my two year old telling me, "Mommy, this is classical! I hear a flute! Mommy, slow tempo, slow tempo!"" – Tracy (San Clemente, CA)

"I have used the DVDs since my son was a few months old and he has learned a tremendous amount from them. I have now introduced the flash cards, and he loves them. These tools have enabled me to teach my child and give him a head start in life." – June (Houston, TX)

"I am very pleased with all of my brainy baby products, my nine month old twins are already recognizing new concepts such as clapping hands and peek-a-boo due to the consistency of the toys with the DVDs. The products coincide with each other very well. I can't wait for more products to introduce to my children. The artistic and intellectual development of my children is very important to me. I know that Brainy Baby will continue to be an instrumental tool for mental growth to my children." – Samantha (Atlanta, GA)

"I wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the Brainy Baby videos and CD we have. Sam, who has never really been one for videos (and never liked the Baby Einstein/Mozart/etc series) has fallen in love with your Shapes & Colors video. So much that he hasn't even gotten to the others yet, but we're on our way with those. We listen to the sing-along CD constantly - especially the Shapes song, ABC and Old MacDonald; and consequently, at 20 months he knows his primary colors, the major shapes and his whole alphabet. I am so impressed with the educational value of Brainy Baby and really attribute a lot of his recent progress to the products. Thank you so much for giving him the chance to be in one of your videos and mostly, for the videos themselves!!" – Rachelle (via email)

"I do not let my child watch a significant amount of TV or videos, but she absolutely loves the Brainy Baby videos. She can identify all letters of the alphabet, correctly name all colors, and can tell you about different artistic media - and she is not even two years old.* I work with her a lot, but I know the Brainy Baby videos have really impacted her." – Tina (Dover, NH)

"My daughter is 2 years old and she can sing her alphabet, count to 20 and pick out any letter and number that you put in front of her.* She has learned a great deal and it is all due to Brainy Baby. I'm so happy that I invested in these videos!" – Kate (O'Fallon, MO)

"My 2 1/2 year-old son started watching Brainy Baby videos when he was just under a year old. By the time he was 18 months old, he knew all the basic colors, shapes, could count to 20, knew the alphabet, and could name at least 20 animals, even ones you probably don't know at first glance.* He also understands basic musical concepts and words that rhyme. I attribute this to the Brainy Baby videos that we have watched together and he carries this knowledge with him as he goes through his day." – Mary (Sarasota, FL)

"I recently purchased these tapes and my children are so focused on these videos compared to other educational tapes that I've tried. A friend recommended Brainy Baby and I'm glad to have found something my kids love to watch daily that is truly educational. I bought 6 videos and my kids are reciting colors/shapes, numbers and ABC's more clearly & more frequently. I'm not sure if Brainy Baby is the 'pioneer' or best in their business, but whoever designed these videos truly had the knowledge, foresight and creativity to get children's attention visually and bring it to life and reinforce every day learning, so there is something special about these videos, at least for my kids." – Cindy (Olmstead Falls, OH)

"My child learned the "ABCs" at a very young age,* which was very surprising since we spoke Mandarin in the house. The only exposure to ABCs he received was from the Brainy Baby tapes. Thus at least for my son, the Brainy Baby tapes definitely taught him important building blocks." – Edward (Fairview, TX)

"I purchased these videos 3 years ago for my then-newborn son, who loved them. At 3 years old, he knows all his colors, shapes and ABCs. We lost them when our home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and I am buying them again for my second child! Thank for such great learning videos, nothing compares to Brainy Baby." – Sulin (Slidell, LA)

"These videos/DVDs are the BEST!!! They have blown Baby Einstein away in my book; they actually teach my children and my children LOVE them from newborn to my oldest at 3, and even my niece who's 8!* THANK YOU BRAINY BABY!!!" – Jacquelyn (Poulsbo, WA)

"Let me say these are the BEST VIDEOS ever. My son began watching from 3 mos. old, and he is 2 and still loves them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have recommended these videos to everyone I know, including our pediatrician." – Kim (Moncks Corner, SC)

"I am a very critical shopper, but when a product and company is as excellent as yours, then praise and thanks are necessary! My 19-month-old son Tyler can count to 10, and not only say his alphabet, but pronounce most of the letters, mostly because of your videos.* Thank you for being a company that outclasses the rest in educating children." – Maureen (Newton, NJ)

"We have the Brainy Baby Left Brain DVD and my 10-month-old son is completely addicted to it! We try to mix it up with Baby Einstein, but he complains so much that we have to put Brainy Baby on instead!
PS...he really loves the narrator's voice. She's great!"
– Kara (Poughkeepsie, NY)

"My kids love these tapes so much, it's given them stimulation and calms them down in every situation. I wish you will continue making new tapes in the future. Thank you very much, you make my children very happy." – Elvira (Brooklyn, NY)

"The (Brainy Baby) video products are very educational for my son. He's been learning from them ever since he was 4 months. I cannot say enough...Brainy Baby has the best products and customer service!" – Teresita (Stone Mountain, GA)

"My son loves his Brainy Baby tapes. He is mesmerized every time I put them in. It is great!! My family is just amazed at how well he pays attention. These videos are going to be my gift for the next baby shower I attend! Thank you!" – Michele (Michigantown, IN)

"You are my HERO!!!! Grace had had one of those days where she just fussed all day, anyway, I put the Brainy Baby Right Brain video. It was AMAZING! She sat there and watched the screen, laughed and just rolled around happy for about 20 minutes!! I was stunned! She really loved it and the music was great, too! Thanks SO much...you saved my sanity." – Ann (Kennesaw, GA)

"I bought "Right Brain" Brainy Baby video for my son, (who is now 10 months) which, I have to say, he LOVES! He watches it every morning before breakfast - and is literally glued to the TV screen!" – Veronica (via email)

"I got the order the day after I ordered it. You guys are great! Your customer service is the best I've come across so far in the world of Internet shopping. My 2 year old really loves the Numbers and Shapes & Colors tapes. With the Colors one he says, again!" – Beth (via email)

"It is very hard for me to believe that Baby Einstein videos give you any kind of competition. When I let my daughter Logan watch the Einstein tape, she looked at me as if I was insulting her intelligence, so I took that one out and put one of yours in, and she was then happy." – Tanya (via email)

"I just bought the Left Brain and Right Brain today. I've only tried Right Brain and my baby who is 18 months old LOVES IT. It has kept her attention a lot longer than the Baby Mozart." – Lynn (Ventress, LA)

"I must say with the Left and Right Brain Brainy Baby videos, my daughter Kelsi is glued to the TV; she really enjoys it. I have compared it to tapes we bought from Baby Einstein/Baby Bach etc. and Brainy Baby is much better." – Ravi (via email)

"When I put on your videos, my 15-month old daughter's curiosity does keep drawing her back to them. I was also very impressed with their content compared to other similar childrens' videos." – Lisa (United Kingdom)

"We have already started sharing them with friends, and next month they will be featured at the MOPS group I participate in. We are definitely "converts" from that "other" baby video company." – Mandy (Hurst, TX)

"I want to thank you for the Brainy Baby videos! The Left Brain and Right Brain have had my son mesmerized from an early age, and when he is being crank they are an absolute GODSEND! But even better than that, he has learned all his letters, numbers, shapes and colors from these videos, and he's only 2!* People are amazed when they hear him do his alphabet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" – Peg (Bridgewater, NJ)