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About Us

The Brainy Baby Company® is the pioneer in the preschool educational early learning DVD market years ahead of other popularized products.  This leadership and our experience have produced products that can accelerate learning results above all others.  

Brainy Baby® is university studied and peer reviewed with positive results that says children can learn 22x more with Brainy Baby® DVDs and is published in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media.

All Brainy Baby® products are developed to encourage parent/child interaction.  The learning experience is enhanced with the use of our companion products that are specifically designed to reinforce the subject your child is learning.   


At The Brainy Baby Company® our mission is to help children develop the love of Learning for a Lifetime®.   It is our passion for this philosophy that sets us apart from the competition. 

How do we do this?  Our Brainy Baby® product development teams bring the learning experience to life by uniting three key elements:

1. A proven learning method that has worked for more than 20 years.
2. Content displayed in a simple, engaging format for little minds.
3. Intuitive, engaging delivery of the content and learning experience.

The Brainy Baby Company® combines these three key elements to create a unique learning experience for young children and it has earned us 77 awards to date.

Our proprietary products are reality based with live-action scenarios with real children and everyday familiar objects your child can recognize.  This focus helps develop and teach specific age-appropriate skills using time-tested teaching methods.  As we continue to grow and expand you can count on us to put your child's best interest first.

"I have been educating my toddler child with Brainy Baby® videos for awhile now. My child is 20 months old and has learned so much. I wanted to make sure that my child was viewing the best educational videos out there.  Thanks to the Brainy Baby® videos, my child has a head start on her education."

-Tanya, Upper Marlboro, MD



In 1995, Dennis Fedoruk and his wife, Stephanie, realized there was a need in the market for reality-based educational videos designed for younger, preschool children.  As parents of two preschool age sons, they were motivated to create such a product...

Dennis, a successful filmmaker and video producer, and Stephanie, a film editor and writer, decided the time was right to produce a new and unique educational video series unlike anything else that was on the market. 

As a result of research and input from parents, educators and children, Brainy Baby® was born, becoming the pioneer in the children's video industry and widely recognized as the first to create reality-based, intelligent, fun and interactive videos that teach.

With the extraordinary success of their first two Infant Brain Development videos - Brainy Baby® Left Brain and Brainy Baby® Right Brain - the company soon expanded into flashcards, books, CDs, games and puzzles. These award winning educational tools introduce educational subjects such as Letters, Shapes, Animals, Numbers, Art and Music, as well as Foreign Languages from their Bilingual Baby® product line for preschoolers.

To date, the company has brought more than 200 Brainy Baby® products to market - and we expect to introduce more inspiring products in the months and years ahead.