Bilingual Baby Learn Russian Language DVD


Bilingual Baby is an award winning total immersion Russian language DVD for babies and toddlers. Your child only hears the Russian language, but there is a small on screen text in English to help parents too. Bilingual Baby introduces more than 60 words and phrases to children while their ability to develop a second language is highest between birth and age five. Bilingual Baby total immersion language DVD features live action and real children. Bilingual Baby teaches language using everyday objects in familiar surroundings to make fast learning connections. Over 60 Words such as Colors, Numbers, Familiar Words and Sentences, Manners and Phrases are introduced by a native language narrator. Children will always hear only one language on all Bilingual Baby DVDs, giving them maximum exposure to the sounds, syntax, and structure of each new language. Bilingual Baby is the winner of more than 75 awards. Ages 1 to 5 years. 45 minutes in length. Other Bilingual languages available are: English Spanish German Italian Japanese French Portuguese Dutch Swedish Greek Hebrew

  • Bilingual Baby is winner of 75 awards and introduces more than 60 words and phrases including Familiar Words and Sentences, Manners and Phrases, Numbers and Colors;
  • Parents can learn along with on screen words in the primary language and interactive flashcards. Total Immersion DVD features benefits for parents as well as for our young audiences;
  • Provides extra time after sentences to allow parents and caregivers to translate;
  • Features native speaking narrator, real children, and familiar objects to help make fast learning connections;
  • Trusted by parents and loved by kids.  For ages 1 to 5 years;

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