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Brainy Baby is university studied and published in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media. This sturdy, colorful set of Brainy Baby Board books gives your child an early start in the basics of preschool education. Each book is designed to be used with their companion DVD and flashcard sets to help engage your child using three different learning modules. Brainy Baby Shapes and Colors Board Book teaches 11 shapes and 12 colors using real world objects associated with each concept Brainy Baby Animals Board Book Animals are all around us. Children will delight in seeing the names and images of animals that live in the jungle, the swamp, and even in their own home and backyard. Real life animal images, along with their names and fun facts, will delight children as they turn the pages. Brainy Baby ABCs Board Book Your child will delight in exploring the Alphabet with the Brainy Baby ABCs board book. Each letter is featured with a real life object whose name begins with the letter. Brainy Baby 123s Board Book Introduces numbers 1 to 20 using real world objects that help with number recognition and counting. Brainy Baby Art Board Book Introduces fundamentals of art including color, texture, patterns, lines and more Brainy Baby Music Board Book A colorful board book that introduces music concepts like types of instruments and dances and fun facts. Brainy Baby Spanish and English Board Book Introduces Spanish words and phrases using both the Spanish and English words, plus the Spanish pronunciation. Brainy Baby Talking Hands Board Book Talking Hands introduces young children to words using American Sign Language ASL and Signing Exact English SEE. For ages 1 to 5 years.

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