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Flashcar Bundle - Shapes & Colors

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LIMITED QUANTITIES! Includes the following 3 items: Aerial the Shapes & Colors Airplane - Flashcar Friends Wooden Toy: This unique and adorable wooden vehicle character has very special cargo - 36 Flashcards! Aerial the Shapes & Colors Airplane introduces 11 different shapes and 11 different colors with real images on each of her flashcard inserts. Whether you roll her around or take her on-the-go, learning shapes and colors has never been so fun. These awesome additions to the Brainy Baby® line of products are especially designed to help your child develop a love of learning for a lifetime®. Shapes & Colors Board Book: Introduces 11 shapes and 12 colors using real world objects associated with each concept. 14 sturdy, colorful cardboard pages! Color Snap Cards Game: This fun little game is especially designed to build your child's recognition and matching skills using vivid colors and colored-object association. Includes 22 double-sided picture cards that make 11 complete puzzles.

  • 3 great products for 1 Low Price!
  • For Ages 1 - 5 years
  • Limited Quantities - Available While Supplies Last!
  • Limit 4 per household

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