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My First Impressions Sunny Sun Sunshine: Exploring the Sun and Rain Children's Storybook

SKU: FBA.10000

My First Impressions Exploring series Sunny Sun Sunshine children's hardcover picture book for preschool children is winner of the Moms Choice Award. Join all of the children playing in the park while Sunny Sun Sunshine beams down to keep the day warm and bright. The adventure seems to be at an end when Cloudy McDoubt comes passing through with a rain shower or two. The fun continues on as the children learn that even a rainy day can bring unexpected surprises and fun adventures. This preschool story book introduces the sun and clouds with clever characters in a way that also demonstrates the importance of working together, kindness, believing the best of each other and learning there is always a bright side no matter how cloudy the day. Your child can learn and read along with these original and fun, beautifully illustrated characters and lyrical, rhyming, easy to follow text from Moms Choice Award winning author Stephanie K. Beasley. 24 beautifully illustrated pages For preschool ages 2 to 5 years.

  • A fun way for children to learn about weather, believing the best in others and sharing
  • Written in rhyming flowing sentences that tell the story of Sunny and his friends who learn that even though a sunny day turns cloudy they can still find adventures in the park
  • Fresh new characters and text engage little readers
  • Captivating illustration and learning lessons on every page.
  • For ages 2 to 5
  • Written by Mom's Choice award winning author Stephanie Beasley
  • Illustrated by award winning artist Sally Randall
  • First title in the My First Impressions Exploring Series by Baby's First Impressions

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