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Brainy Baby Educational Products

Brainy Baby® is university studied, winner of 77 awards and was created by moms, dads and educational professionals.  We know children can learn at an early age… we have seen it with our own eyes and heard the thousands of testimonies from parents all over the world. Brainy Baby preschool DVDs, music CDs, books, flashcards, educational toys and games are designed to give infants and toddlers the preschool prep they need before they enter kindergarten. Brainy Baby dvds, board books and flashcards can help your child learn a new language, read, write, learn music and art subjects. Whether you're a bilingual family or not, please check out our library of total immersion language DVDs and bilingual flash cards to give your child a jump start in his or her early learning years. Brainy Baby® is a favorite curriculum for day care centers, preschools, homeschool families and special needs children.


Parents and Educators are Talking!

"I support this product as a professional with 35 years as a Curriculum Specialist in Education. As a professional working to develop resources and learning centers for infants and toddlers, preschoolers and elementary through high school age students, I support the foundation skills offered by the Brainy Baby products. I have found them to be beneficial to my clients in all settings that I have serviced: public, private, non-public and institutional/hospital (special needs)." – Maria (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)


"My child was non-verbal at 18 months and I credit Brainy Baby with the rapid increase in his increasing vocabulary!*" – Julie (Carmel, IN)


"I do not let my child watch a significant amount of TV or videos, but she absolutely loves the Brainy Baby videos. She can identify all letters of the alphabet, correctly name all colors, and can tell you about different artistic media - and she is not even two years old.* I work with her a lot, but I know the Brainy Baby videos have really impacted her." – Tina (Dover, NH)


"I have worked as a preschool teacher and helper for 30 something years. I am absolute on teaching with Brainy Baby's tools." – Marsha (Wylie, TX)


"We are both credentialed teachers with years of teaching experience. We believe that Brainy Baby provides an excellent foundation for developing minds." – Paul & Cindy (Dublin, CA)