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Brainy Baby 123s Snap Cards Counting Game: 22 Double Sided Numbers Puzzle

SKU: 44083

Brainy Baby Learn 123s Snap Card Puzzle for preschool children is especially designed to build your child's recognition and matching skills with numbers, counting and vivid colors. To play, spread out all of the cards with the numbers and button images facing up. Look for the number card that matches the same number of buttons and snap them together. Then flip the cards over to see the correct spelling of the corresponding number. Continue playing until all the cards have been matched. To help guide your child, the cards are designed to only snap and fit together when the number and object cards or two word cards have been matched correctly.

  • Brainy Baby is university studied and winner of 77 awards
  • Features 22 double sided cards which snap together then can be flipped over to see the number word;
  • Perfect complementary resource to the Brainy Baby 123s DVD, board book, and flash cards;
  • Created by teachers and parents to build preschoolers Animal recognition and matching skills with images of everyday objects;
  • Trusted by parents and loved by kids for more than 20 years. For ages 2 to 4 years;

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