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SAVE $3.99! Brainy Baby Sing Along Songs and Classical CDs: Songs You'll Love to Sing and Instrumental Classics Bundle of 2

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Brainy Baby is university studied and published in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media. Winner of 77 awards, trusted by parents and loved by children. Enjoy beautifully arranged collections of 15 instrumental melodies featured on the Brainy Baby videos. The perfect way to introduce your child to classics from Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Vivaldi, and many others. 1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Mozart 2. Flute Quartet in D Major - Mozart 3. Four Seasons: Autumn - Vivaldi 4. Sylvia; Ballet Suite - Delibes 5. Concerto in C Major: Finale - Mozart 6. Symphony #30 in A Major - Mendelssohn 7. Mother Gigone and the Clowns - Tchaikovsky 8. Dance of the Hours - Poncielli 9. Horn Concerto in E flat Major - Mozart 10. Four Seasons: Spring - Vivaldi 11. Minuet - Boccherini 12. Sonata #11, Alla Turca - Mozart 13. Flute Quartet in A Major - Mozart 14. Brandenburg Concerto #3 in G Major - Bach 15. Symphony #4 in A Major - Mendelssohn

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