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Brainy Baby Music: Discovering Musical Horizons DVD Deluxe Edition


Brainy Baby is University Studied and published in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media. Brainy Baby interactive DVDs feature Live Action and real children. Parents tell us their children love to watch Brainy Baby DVDs again and again learning something new each time. Brainy Baby Music teaches basics such as Rhythm, Tempo, Harmony, Pitch and more using everyday objects in familiar surroundings to make fast learning connections. Your child will hear lively music with a gentle, instructional voice describing what your child is seeing. Brainy Baby Music video uses the teach repeat review method throughout. DVD includes Special Features such as Baby Bloopers, Behind the Scenes, Video Sing a Long and an Interactive Activity. This teaching tool is designed to complement the Brainy Baby Music Board Book and Flashcards to help reinforce the learning process. 45 minutes in length.

  • Brainy Baby is university studied and published in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media. Winner of 77 awards;
  • 45 minute interactive Music DVD teaches music basics such as rhythm, tempo, harmony, pitch and more using the teach, repeat, review method;
  • Features live action, real children, and familiar objects to help make fast learning connections Produced with slow, simple visuals allowing time for children to absorb and learn using a mix of toe tapping sing alongs and colorful familiar objects;
  • Includes special features: Baby Bloopers, Behind the Scenes and Storybook
  • Trusted by parents and loved by kids. For ages 2 to 5 years. 45 minutes in length;

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