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Brainy Baby Talking Hands: Discovering Sign Language Board Book Deluxe Edition


Brainy Baby is university studied and publshed in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media. Winner of 77 awards, this best selling board book from Brainy Baby board book collection teaches children words using American Sign Language ASL and Signing Exact English SEE. This special board book is sturdy and lightweight for little toddler's hands. Brainy Baby's preschool board book introduces sign language using familiar, real world objects. Colorful pictures of children and descriptive text show how to make each sign inside this long lasting, sturdy board book. This teaching tool is designed to complement the Brainy Baby Talking Hands Flashcards and DVD to help reinforce the learning process. For ages 1 to 5 years. Made in large format version 10W x 8H. Contains 16 thick cardboard pages,14 pages plus cover photos and illustrations of large, colorful images on every page. 10. 5W x 8. 25H For ages 1 to 5 years page.

  • 1Brainy Baby is university studied and publshed in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media;
  • Features high quality images of children and familiar items for easy recognition.  Large format 10. 5W x 8. 25H;  
  • Perfect complimentary resource to the Brainy Baby Animals DVD and flash cards;
  • Created and produced by teachers and parents to teach babies and toddlers through fun interaction;
  • Brainy Baby has been trusted by parents and loved by children. For ages 1 to 5 years.

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