About The Brainy Baby Company®

For more than 20 years The Brainy Baby Company® has been a pioneer and leader in educational videos for children, preschool books, toddler learning games, flashcards for preschool and learning toys for infants.  This award-winning line of kids' learning tools introduces educational academic such as: ABCs, 123s, SHAPES, COLORS and the enrichment subjects of ANIMALS, ART, MUSIC as well as a complete line of FOREIGN LANGUAGE, SIGN LANGUAGE products - and so much more.   Brainy Baby® educational DVDs for preschool children is unique in featuring children of diverse ethnicities, inspiring original music as well as traditional nursery rhymes and instrumental classics such as, Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach. A complete line of learning tools including Books, DVDs, Toys, Games and more are available for you to help give your child the Gift of Education.

Brainy Baby® is UNIVERSITY STUDIED AND PEER REVIEWED with positive results that says children can learn 22x more with Brainy Baby® DVDs and has won over 77 NATIONAL AWARDS including: Dr. Toy's Top 100 Best Children's Product, the Dove Foundation's Seal of Approval, Parenting Magazine's Top Videos of the Year!  As The Brainy Baby Company® continues to grow and expand, you can count on us to put your child's best interest first. The mission of The Brainy Baby Company® is to help children develop a love of Learning for a Lifetime®.
About Our New Partner
Brainy Baby® has partnered with The Kiddly Company to bring the best products and the best customer service experience to you.  In addition to finding unique Kiddly teaching products, The Kiddly Company is now the Exclusive Distributor for all Brainy Baby® products worldwide. You will find all the cool tools and resources you need at the new Kiddly website!
When you make a purchase, you will automatically be redirected to the Kiddly website for checkout or you can go to the Kiddly website directly: www.thekiddlycompany.com
Your child´s future is our inspiration®.

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