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Spray 'Em Away - Monsters Spray


Spray 'Em Away offers powerful, tangible tools for children and adults dealing with stressful, scary, hurtful and controversial matters that foster open communication so that self-esteem and pride are strengthened.

Monster Spray is a linen and room spray made with calming lavender, honey and sunflower extracts and is simple to use.  A child, parent or babysitter can spray Spray 'Em Away Monster Spray under a bed, in a closet and anywhere else monsters might be hiding at night. Problem Solved!

Monster Spray helps kids eliminate under-the-bed and closet monsters from their happy place.  This 8 oz. magical mist is filled with a concoction of courage, confidence and a specially formulated linen, room and garment spray.  Our sprays let kids know HELP is here!

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