Lisa LeLeu Studios Puppet Play Set Storybook - Scooter The Cat


Introducing Scooter! He is brave as a lion. He is Curious as a cat. But he wasn't always like that. Once he was a scared and lonely kitty until he found Simon and a home! Lisa Leleu Story Starter: Create your own story for Scooter! In this adventure you get to decide what happens! Will Scooter go to a sports game, take a trip to the zoo, or will he go on an African safari? You and Scooter can go anywhere your imagination takes you with this Lisa LeLeu Story Starter!!!


  • 1 Puppet Show Book with a removable hand puppet
  • 1 story of Scooter The Cat
  • 1 StoryStarter for Scooter The Cat
  • Teaches and inspires expressive reading
  • Builds confidence in reading out loud
  • Gets children more involved with the story
  • Sparks children's imaginations
  • Helps develop a child's self expression
  • Inspires children to develop their own storytelling techniques
  • Teaches and inspires children to write, illustrate and act out their own stories

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