Jaq Jaq Bird Butterstix Chalk Multi-Colored with holder

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Do you love chalk but hate the feel and dust? That's exactly how we think too. After years of working with a supplier, we finally developed an exclusive perfect formula of Zero Dust™ Chalk, called ButterStix®. They work and feel a bit like pastels as it glides smoothly on most-non-porous surface.Not limited to chalkboards, you can write on most non-porous surfaces: use on walls, plates, counter, etc. Your imagination is the only limit! Great for labeling containers, beer & wine parties, and more!No Dust.No Stains.No Mess.12 ButterStix® in a pack, completely safe for kids, comes in a variety of colors. Wipe with a damp cloth. Choose white, multi-color pack, or multi-color pack set that comes with a holder.This is for 1 pack of ButterStix® with a Magnetic Chalk Holder all in one package.We are sorry: we cannot accept returns on used chalk or chalk products unless defective. Unused products may be returned.Our ButterStix® is exclusive to Jaq Jaq Bird®.Please read:Because The ButterStix® has no dust, it might leave "ghost chalk marks" from the oil that is contained in the chalk. You can "cure" the Chalk Table Runner™ by smearing traditional white chalk across the Runner and erase with a dry cloth, then try it with our chalks. Please note, ButterStix® will "ghost" from time to time, but this is a normal, especially after using the chalks repeatedly on the same surface.When used on Chalkboard Paint or Chalkboard Painted surfaces, Butterstix® can leave a permanent "shadowing" when removed. Although depending on the surface, it can sometimes be removed completely with a Magic Eraser, sometimes it will permanently leave a remnant of your project. Nowadays, there are many different types of decorative "chalkboards". As many would seem as if they are non-porous, unless the fame is actually some material like a slate or metal, most likely they have been covered with a chalkboard paint-like material at the manufacturer. Therefore, it almost always can leave the shadowing behind. Please keep that in mind if you use them in your home.

  • VERSATILE: works on most non-porous surfaces: windows, glass, mirrors, plastics, chalkboards, etc. Always test on a small area first.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: just wipe with damp cloth. If 'ghosting' remains, a damp magic eraser will do the trick.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS: our chalks are non-toxic AND food safe, which means you can even use them to decorate dishes, glasses, mugs, etc. at the table.
  • NO DUST, NO MESS: comes with 12 chalks, writes like crayons
  • HAVE FUN: let your creativity flow; use these chalks for chalk lettering, playing with children, homework, decorating for parties. The uses are unlimited.

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