EGGKIDS EVERT Wearable Blanket 100% Organic Cotton



Eggkids Wearable Blanket in heavenly soft quality organic cotton. Suitable for babies from 6 to 12 months. A smart little pocket to place a pacifier decorates the front.  Made with love from Sweden.

Meet Evert from Smaland whose best friend is Vera. His favorite food is Water Lily Root a la Vera and likes to do terrain running!

Choose from 10 different motifs with their own personal expressions.

  •  Made with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton
  • Y/K zipper single layer
  • Size from 6 -12 months
  • Smart zipper protection on the top to avoid scratchy edges
  • Pigment printing
  • Interlock,225gsm, 
  • White color
  • With Love from Sweden!


Eggkids started with a dream.  A dream to create a character that would make you feel happy: someone who could warm your heart. Someone who smiled at you and would make you smile back. ERIK the elephant was the first to arrive. The fact that he was an elephant was no coincidence. ERIK is strong and loyal. He has a big heart, shares his wisdom and his happiness and in Eggkids lingo: he smiles. Now ERIK is one out of 26 Eggkids characters living and smiling on bedsets, blankets, decorative pillows, sleep sacks and backpacks for children up to six years old.

Some of Eggkids characters are also soft toys, backpacks, coloring books and more. Every character has a name and a unique personality, just like the kids who love them. A hippo is not just any hippo—she is pink, and she is SOFIA. ERIK, SOFIA and the other animal friends come from the big wild world, where the designer Hans-Jörgen Hansson finds his inspiration. He explores the shapes of the animals, looks into their big, round eyes and finds the empathy, fantasy and joy that Eggkids characters stand for.


Hans-Jörgen Hansson graduated from Forsbergs School of Design in Stockholm in 1994. He has been working as a designer for more than 25 years with clients ranging from IKEA to The Japanese firm ACTUS. For 20 years he worked at IKEA’s Headquarters as one of their main Art Directors

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