The Multiples Times Table Dinnerware Award-Winning 4-piece Middle Years Set


At The Multiples we believe in bringing fun, social engagement and imagination to multiplication learning to help children explore new ways to learn multiplication and overcome learning barriers because everyone can do math!. The Multiples line encourages a storytelling culture within the home and community to promote multiplication literacy in children. Our line encourages children to explore new and impactful ways to learn multiplication using storytelling as a learning tool. With our diverse, approachable animal characters we transform products that your children use everyday into unique social learning tools, bringing a fun learning experience to children's daily routines. Each of our 12 fun, quirky characters has a favorite number from 1 to 12 and a story to encourage children to express themselves socially while thinking mathematically. Children can practice a variety of math-learning techniques in addition to multiplication such as skip counting (counting by 2, 3, 4 etc.), pip counting (counting dice), and brain training through subitizing (recognizing the count of dots in a scatter pattern).

But why should you bring The Multiples into your home now? Because recent studies show that children who understand numbers in early education will have better success learning mathematics throughout their education. Additional studies have also shown a direct correlation between engagement in math at home and long term performance in math. Children who are exposed to math at home perform better in math at school - it's that simple. By adding The Multiples to your child's everyday experience you lay the foundation for learning a love of numbers!

The Multiples tableware is not meant to substitute for any existing curriculums or practices, but rather to provide a social medium whereby every child can build a connection with numbers. We hope your children love The Multiples as much as our own children do!

  • High quality 100% melamine with glossy finish, BPA free, Designed in UK, Dishwasher safe.
  • What better place than the dining table for children to explore the world of numbers.
  • 4-piece set includes 9" Sister Three Baas Plate, 9" Monsieur Six-y Plate, 8 oz Rooster Four-Midable Tumbler and 7.5" Bugsy Eight Hops Bowl.

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